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At Docknload we like to keep pricing simple. Take a look below for our competitive prices, or reach out for a free custom quote!

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We know how important it is for us to get started on your orders. That is why we make sure to check your inventory into our system as soon as it arrives at our facility!

Pallet In/Out  - $11.50 

Carton - $1

Unpalletized 20' container - $400

Unpalletized 40' container - $600

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Once your items are received, we will store them and keep them secure for as long as you need.

Carton - $0.30 a cubic foot   

Pallet - $15

Stackable Pallet- $11.5

High volume account may be eligible for discounted rates. Reach out for a custom quote!

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

Whether you have an ecommerce store, or send business to business we have you covered. We can connect directly to your online store, or you can reach out to us directly to process orders. 


Each order - $2.00  

Additional item in order - $0.50

Custom Insert - $0.25

Returns - $3.50

High volume account may be eligible for discounted rates. Reach out for a custom quote!

(Heavy, Large, or fragile items may have increased rates)

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Customer portal

We can connect directly to your online stores so you don't have to be the middle man. Orders will feed directly to us, and inventory will be updated appropriately. 




When it comes to FBA Preparing, We got you covered. From Labeling to palletizing, Your items will be ready to go in no time.

item prep - $0.65 per item (Poly included)

Asin Label - $0.25 per label 

Box FBA/Carrier Labels - $0.50 per label

Additional label - $0.15 per label

boxes - cost price + 10%

Large/fragile items are subject to rate changes. please reach out for custom quote

Special Projects

Whether it be kitting, custom packaging, bundling, inventory management, or anything inbetween, we are here to help.


Projects will be quoted upon request



Package and supplies will vary by size and weight of item. Standard fees will fall between $0.08-$3.00 per item.  (Polys are at no additional cost with FBA Prep)


You may also supply your own packaging with no cost.


Shrink wrapping pallets – 6.50/pallet 

Depending on your businesses individual needs, other fees and/or discounts may apply. Please reach out below for a custom quote

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Get a Custom Quote

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